English Outdoor Preschool

Vyšehrad Monsters is the first preschool of its kind, operating on a basis of a preschool club with an all-day program. It follows the idea of forest preschools, modified however for the natural environment of the city. Children spend most of their time outdoors, near Vyšehrad or in other parks of Prague. They also go for trips and do not avoid the urban environment either. The methodology is based on the Framework Education Programme for Preschool Education, thus fully complying with general requirements for subsequent enrollment at any primary school. The all-day programme is in English with the presence of a native speaker. The concept and its principles are decribed in detail in the preschool section.


Summer Day Camps 2020

In July and August, we are offering week-long day camps for kids from 3 to 8 years old. The complete program, practical arrangements and applications here.

Erasmus+ intern from Slovakia

Veronika Mudroňová, a student from Slovakia, works as an assistant in the preschool during March and April. She came for a internship with grant support from Erasmus+ program. Veronika is a future preschool teacher studying at the University of Banska Bystrica and she came to gain experience from an outdoor preschool.

Winter Camp 2020

We organized a WInter Camo this year as usually, open for all the kids from Libeň Monsters older than 3 years. We joined lessons in the ski resort in Chotouň, we lived in a cottahe of the touristic club in Jílové u Prahy. We had an amazing time at our Winter Camp.

Erasmus+ intern from Turkey

Busra Yüksel, a student from Turkey, works as an assistant in the preschool starting October 2019. She came for a internship with grant support from Erasmus+ program. Busra is a future math teacher and she helps mostly with the preschool preparation of kids. She is staying until February 2020.

The capacity is full now and also from September 2019

We cannot offer the enrollment for attendance at the moment, the capacity is full now and also for the net school year. We are putting new kids on the reserve list and then we contact parents at the moment we can offer a place. Thanks for understanding.

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